REDS Ranchi

Self Help Groups

The REDS Ranchi Self Help Groups continue their credit and savings. The members are satisfied and united to progress for their economical development through the guidance of REDS coordinator. Regular meetings are organized with the maximum attendance; the activities records are maintained under the supervision. The women beneficiaries at different centers have formed themselves in small groups to support in their financial difficulties. 220 members have enrolled in 20 small groups. They meet periodically assisted by the SHG coordinator. They save money and take loan, when they are in need. They are grateful to REDS Ranchi for this timely opportunity. REDS Ranchi observes Annual Day, Sports Day and Children’s Day every year. This creates an opportunity for the children to show their gifts and talents and to promote their cultural activities.
It is a major get-together of all in REDS Ranchi. It is also a thanksgiving day to acknowledge and to celebrate achievements.



St. Mother Teresa says, “The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.” The  REDS staff renders their service with love towards poor children. They teach basic educational skills including studying the Hindu alphabet, English, numbers, tables, and basic mathematics. They are instructed in music, storytelling, hygiene, and basic moral behavior focused upon respecting each other both inside and outside the center. Children are divided into groups based on their learning capacity in the REDS centers. To avoid student absences, the coordinator teachers have formed groups of three or four students. This method is helping students to attend regularly and participate in every activity together.  They are kept n the center for a year or two to prepare them intellectually, physically,  psychologically, and socially to advance to a formal school. 


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Education enables us to know ourselves and the world better. It develops in us a perspective for looking at life. It is the key to one’s success in the future and provides opportunities to shine in life. Education helps people think, feel, and behave in a way that contributes to their success and improves their personalities.
REDS continues to march with the lives of slum dwellers, especially the neediest and poorest of the poor families. REDS focuses upon the education of children by providing primary and secondary classes for children and making sure of their retention in school. Necessary educational materials are supplied, such as textbooks, notebooks, stationery, school fees, school bags, and uniforms to guarantee compulsory attendance. To make it happen, the center coordinator expects the students to complete their homework while encouraging and motivating them in their studies besides compensating their tuition. The REDS staff has been rendering their service tirelessly for the uplifting of poor children so that their dreams may come true in the future.


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Games and sports make REDS children healthy, fit, active, fresh, and social. They teach children the value of discipline and provide the best exercise for the body. Sports foster a sense of community and help students achieve their personal best every time. Included are all forms of competitive physical activity and games which, through casual or organized participation, aim to maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to all participants. Sports also have beneficial uses and provide recreation, relaxation, teamwork, and team spirit, physical health, improvement of fitness, growth in cognitive function of the brain, and powerful decision- making which we want to see infused in the life of our REDS children.
Regular sports activities make children active and lead to good health.


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REDS Ranchi assists many poor children to continue their studies in various educational institutions in Ranchi. Every month REDS Ranchi organizes motivational workshops for school-going children and their parents. These workshops have helped them awake from the slumber of illiteracy and poverty. Every year, REDS Ranchi organized special workshops for the school-going children from 7 th standard to 12 th standard. These workshops have various motivational topics to help the children to grow well. Usually, more than one hundred children participate in these workshops. The children find these workshops very useful.


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Ranchi REDS organizes workshops for the parents and motivated them to become involved in their children’s education. Many parents attended the workshop with great enthusiasm. Ranchi REDS aims at assisting both the parents and their children in the best ways to a
healthier future.


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It is said that “Health is Wealth.” Certainly, it is true that good health has a great impact on all aspects of human life. In the case of students, if they are in good health, they will do well in their studies and other activities. Therefore, REDS organized medical camps due to the poor health of REDS children at twelve different centers at different times. More than 300 children benefit from these medical camps. These kinds of medical camps are conducted regularly by REDS Ranchi to help the children stay healthy and free from various contagious illnesses due to seasonal changes.


Pre-natal care, also known as antenatal care, is a type of preventive healthcare. Its goal is to provide regular check-ups that allow doctors or midwives to treat and prevent potential health problems throughout the course of pregnancy and to promote healthy lifestyles that benefit both mother and child. A.N.M. nurses provide counseling for pregnant women and gather information regarding the date of conceiving, which helps provide nutritional and medical assistance. A.N.M. nurses advise women regarding nutrition, T.T. injections, iron capsules, and the need for regular medical check-ups. A.N.M. nurses monitor
and support a mother for their blood pressure and provide the mother with Horlicks and vitamins so that they can remain healthy and give birth to a healthy child. Our goal is to reduce the number of malnourished children in the slums.

Post-Natal Care

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The care of both mother and child after delivery is very important. In the slums, a mother gives birth to a child with the help of local women rather than going to a hospital. The result may be that the mother and child could be vulnerable. The mothers who are not healthy and not able to feed their children are given Horlicks along with gram and jaggery to increase blood in their body so that they can recover quickly and begin to care for the newborn. REDS’ effort is to reduce the number of mothers’ deaths and the lack of blood after delivery. Amul milk is given to children from three months to six months to keep them healthy. The intent is to have a healthy mother and healthy child living a better life.


Tokitoli + Chutia+Bargawa
The rag pickers’ families face many problems within the family itself as well as in society. They are not able to solve the difficulties that arise in their day-to-day lives. At this juncture, we are very helpful. We spend time talking to and listening to them, which instills confidence. While talking, they are able to acknowledge how they can face the difficulties. They come to terms with the difficulties and are able to love and live together. They are also able to limit individual as well as family problems.

Individual and Family Counseling

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Individual counseling is basically for the students who are school dropouts and alcoholics. Family counseling is very difficult because not all parents have the same disposition. Understanding among parents is not the same for the poorly educated. Often, women understand the need to solve family difficulties, but the men do not cooperate. Such a lack of cooperation between the parents on how to run the family has a negative impact on the children. They do not get enough love, care, and guidance. The REDS Counselors are helping slum dwellers overcome social and family problems and re-strengthening parenting.


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Tailoring Unit -Last year, 15 tailoring students were given certificates at the annual celebration of REDS, held on November 24, 2019. At present, there are 19 students being trained at the tailoring unit. The main objective of this program is to enhance the quality of life of women and teenage girls by enhancing their skills and knowledge. Due to poverty, these teenage girls often drop out of school, get married, and work as domestics. They needed to learn vocational skills such as tailoring, which can help them earn more income and become economically self-sufficient and independent.

Computer Department

In the modern world, which is so advanced in technology, obtaining a job that does not require the use of a computer is difficult. In almost all work sectors, the ability to use a computer is absolutely essential. The REDS family is happy to help develop computer skills which will be helpful in finding jobs. There are presently thirty-five students in the computer program, including REDS college students.