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REDS Deepahalli REDS Deepahalli

The REDS STC (Skill Training Center) provides residential training programs for boys in carpentry, welding, tailoring, traditional knitting, creative embroidery, and marketable soft-skill training, computer, plumbing, and basic electrical course besides educating them on mental health, healthy recreational activities, sports & games, personal hygiene, social life skills, communication skills, and value education. The eligible trainees appear for the SSLC exams. The primary school-aged children are enrolled in the nearby formal school. Different income generation activities are introduced to the trainees. Their active participation helps to increase their knowledge and to develop their practical skills.Sixty boys were present during this academic year; 12 of them are studying at the nearby Govt School and the rest of them were enrolled in the training units; a few were discontinued. This year also the neighbors, religious communities, and institutes volunteered to teach, entertain and participate in different celebrations. The Marianists, scholastics and aspirants, teaching-staff, supporting staff, the UD professors, friends, and well-wishers, continue to relate and cheer them.


The Carpentry Unit develops skills in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping for making beautiful furniture. Through theory and practical work, the unit teacher guides the students throughout their studies at the Carpentry Unit.


Training at the Welding Unit is a combination of theory and practice. The trainers are involved in making beds, benches, windows, gates, etc. for the use of the Deepahalli campus and orders from outside Deepahalli.


Tailoring Unit teaches the boys cutting and tailing. The teacher also gives instructions on the power machines. This unit also has regular theoretical and practical classes to aid the children in learning to tailor.


We at REDS STC have been working to implant a seed of encouragement in the youngsters who are living in the clutches of poverty and different family circumstances. Electrical unit for the well-fare of the children here who are more interested in learning technical skills. REDS Skill training center in Electrical Unit teaches boys to enhance safety and reliability and experience a real change in behaviors with our training offers to provide safety and power reliability. In the course, boys are immersed in practical, illustrate how electricity is distributed and connected with various facilities. Our boys learn how to use electrical test equipment in their everyday jobs, before moving to an in-depth discussion about major electrical components, where and how these electrical components work, and their purposes within electrical systems. The goal of this basic electrical training course is to teach students how to reduce electrical equipment downtime, improve overall efficiency and safety, and fix problems they’ve been unable to solve on their own. This course helps them technical skills This electrical training unit keeps them busy and most of the boys like to learn electrical work and they concentrate more on this training and after completion of the training they are able to do all electrical related to work individually and our REDS STC centers help in providing jobs. Together with the job-oriented skill training the boys also attend nonformal classes to learn Arithmetic and English to help better success in career and give bright future. We hope to reach out to young people and provide them with the skills needed to work in the technology industry. Our major aspiration is to help young men who are motivated to study hard and learn this skill for a better future.

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