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REDS Patna REDS Patna

Future Plan

1) REDS Patna Office will be opened at the Maria Nilaya Campus, (Marianists residence) XTTI Road, Digha-Ghat), which will function as Contact Center and for documenting.

2) The Marianists in Maria Nilaya, street educators and the field-activists will continue the contact with the migrant ragpickers in Digha-Ghat and the surrounding areas, to assist the migrated child teen ragpickers and their families for their ongoing socio economical and educational development through these activities;

Educational Literacy activities
Recreational Activities
Medical Activities
Skill Training Programs
Value Eduction
Nutritional Care

a) by involving interested well wishers, neighbors and their relatives and friends.

b) by net working with nearby institutions, social clubs, CSR associations, to promote welfare activities for the underprivileged children and their families.

c) by forming groups of volunteers, consisting of professionals, students and youth, for their active involvement as collaborative partners by sharing their resources, skills, knowledge generously to create appropriate environments for the downtrodden to have a future.

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